Statement Forwarding HTTP Interface

Details of a statement forwarding configuration.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The unique id of the document.
createdAt When the document was created.
updatedAt When the document was updated.
description The name of this statement forwarder.
lrs_id The id of the store that Learning Locker will forward statements for.
active If this statement forwarder is currently active.
configuration The configuration for this statement forwarder See configuration.
owner Id of the user who created this statement forwarder.
query A JSON Mongo query string - only statements which match this query will be forwarded.

e.g. '{"":""}'
isPublic If false then this statement forwarder is only available to the owner and users with org/all/statementForwarding/view scope, otherwise it’s available to everyone in the organisation with permission.


The configuration for the statement forwarding request.

Name Description
protocol http, https. The protocol to forward statements to.
url The url to forward statement to.
authType no auth, token, basic auth. The auth method to use.
secret If authType is token, this is the token which will be sent with the request.
basicUsername If authType is basic auth, this is the basic auth username.
basicPassword If authType is basic auth, this is the basic auth password.
maxRetries The number of times the statement forwarder will retry before giving up.
headers A json array encoded as a string which contains additional headers to send with the request.

Example Model

  "_id" : "59c8d14b0d82b3864a450604",
  "createdAt" : "2017-09-25T09:50:03.880Z",
  "updatedAt" : "2017-11-06T14:07:27.212Z",
  "owner" : "59198183d8ea540933227030",
  "query" : "{}",
  "organisation" : "59c209c4ad95fd50960c0362",
  "isPublic" : false,
  "configuration" : {
      "authType" : "no auth",
      "protocol" : "https",
      "url" : "",
      "maxRetries" : 10,
      "headers" : "{\"Test-Header-Key\":\"Test-Header-Value\"}",
      "secret" : "Dave"
  "__v" : 0,
  "active" : true,
  "description" : "Statement forwarder"

[Enterprise]: Forwarding to AWS Kinesis

Note: Only available in Enterprise editions of Learning Locker

To create a statement forward configured for AWS Kinesis Firehose, configure the record with this modified data structure:

  "configuration" : {
    "protocol" : "Kinesis",
    "authType" : "no auth"
  "kinesisOptions" : {
    "streamName" : "KinesisFirehoseName", // The immutable name of the Kinesis Firehose configured in AWS
    "awsClientKey" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx", // AWS client access key with appropriate permission
    "awsClientSecret" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx", // AWS client secret key
    "awsRegion" : "us-east-1" // AWS Kinesis Firehose region


In order for Learning Locker to successfully write to the Kinesis Firehose, please ensure that the IAM user (attributed to the key/secret) has the minimum permissions in its policy (as shown below). When using the example below, please replace region, account-id, and KinesisFirehoseName with your details in the Resource array.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [