Queries HTTP Interface

This holds saved statement queries.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The id of the query.
name The name of this query.
organisation The id of the organisation that this persona belongs to.
owner The id of the user which created this query.
conditions A JSON encoded mongo query.
isPublic If false then this visualisation is only available to the owner and users with org/all/query/view scope, otherwise it’s available to everyone in the organisation with permission.

Example Model

	"_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34501",
	"name" : "All comments",
	"owner" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34502",
	"organisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34503",
	"isPublic" : false,
	"conditions" : "{\"statement.verb.id\":\"http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/commented\"}"