Exports HTTP Interface

This holds queries which are then used to export data form learning locker.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The unique id of document.
organisation The organisation id this export template belongs to.
name Title of this export template.
owner The id of the user who created this export template.
projection An array of stringified json mongo projection queries. See mongo docs
rawMode If true, in Learning Locker UI, the projection will be displayed as JSON text, as opposed to field value inputs.
downloads A list ids of downloads which have used this export template.
isPublic If false then this dashboard is only available to the owner and users with org/all/export/view scope, otherwise it’s available to everyone in the organisation with permission.

Example Model

	"_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34501",
	"name" : "Example Export",
	"organisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34502",
	"downloads" : [ ],
	"rawMode" : false,
	"projections" : [