Downloads HTTP Interface

Holds records of exports.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The id of this download
name Name of the download.
organisation The id of the organisation this download happend from.
owner The id of the user who downloaded the export.
isReady Is the download ready.
time Date and time of the download.
url The url of this download.
upload An object holding details of the file to be downloaded. See upload.
isPublic If false then this download is only available to the owner and users with org/all/download/view scope, otherwise it’s available to everyone in the organisation with permission.


Holds details of the file to be uploaded.

Name Description
createdAt When the content was created.
updatedAt When the content was last updated.
key The location of the content to be downloaded.
repo The repo to where the content is stored, ie local.
mime mime type.

Example Model

	"_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c3450d",
	"url" : "/api/downloadexport/5915be242c3a240fb40801e4.csv",
	"time" : "2017-05-12T13:52:36.995Z",
	"organisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c3450e",
	"name" : "Example Download",
	"upload" : {
		"createdAt" : "2017-05-12T13:52:37.016Z",
		"updatedAt" : "2017-05-12T13:52:37.070Z",
		"mime" : "text/csv",
		"key" : "downloads/1494597156987.csv",
		"repo" : "local"
	"isReady" : true