Dashboards HTTP Interface

Details of dashboards.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The id of this dashboard.
createdAt When this dashboard was created.
updatedAt When this dashboard was last updated.
title String. Title of the dashboard.
widgets An array of the widgets on this dashboard. See widgets.
organisation Id of the organisation this dashboard belongs to.
owner Id of the user who created this dashboard
visibility NOWHERE, ANYWHERE, VALID_DOMAINS. The scope of where this dashboard is externally visible.
validDomains If visibility is VALID_DOMAINS, a string of domains which can view this dashboard.
isPublic If false then this dashboard is only available to the owner and users with org/all/dashboard/view scope, otherwise it’s available to everyone in the organisation with permission. This is unrelated to visibility.


An array of widgets. The properties for each widget are:

Name Description
title The name of the widget.
visualisation The id of the visualisation that this widget is displaying.
x The x position of this widget.
y The y position of this widget.
h The height of this widget.
w The width of this widget.

Example Model

	"_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c3450c",
	"createdAt" : "2017-04-28T09:03:57.332Z",
	"updatedAt" : "2017-05-18T12:55:24.430Z",
	"owner" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34509",
	"title" : "Example Dashboard",
	"organisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34507",
	"visibility" : "NOWHERE",
	"widgets" : [
			"title" : "Example Widget",
			"_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c3450a",
			"h" : 4,
			"w" : 4,
			"y" : 0,
			"x" : 0,
			"visualisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c3450b"
	"filter" : "{}",
	"public" : false,
	"isPublic" : true