Retrieving Statements Guide

Learning Locker provides many options for retrieving statements (listed below) to satisfy various needs, from just viewing a quick list of statements to direct database access for business intelligence (BI) tools.

Option Description
Source page The source page provides a quick way to list of statements that have been sent to an organisation in Learning Locker. It also allows you to filter this list using the Query Builder.
Visualisations Visualisations provide a quick visual summary of statements via bar graphs, line graphs, scatter graphs, etc. These are great for quickly exploring potential correlations and trends.
Exports If you want data from your statements in a spreadsheet, you can download certain parts of your statements to a CSV file using the Export Panel.
xAPI The xAPI HTTP interface provides an xAPI-conformant API for retrieving statements in your applications.
Aggregation API The Aggregation HTTP Interface is more advanced than the xAPI HTTP interface and allows you to access MongoDB’s powerful Aggregation API for more custom filtration of statements.
Connection HTTP Interface The Connection HTTP Interface is a slightly more restricted version of the Aggregation API that utilises cursors to provide paginated statements for improved performance.
Direct DB access If you want to utilise BI Tools or improve performance further, you can simply access the MongoDB database which Learning Locker is using directly.