Clients HTTP Interface

Details of a clients which will be accessing Learning Locker. It contains details for permissions, authenticating and storing the xapi request.

It is accessible through the following HTTP interfaces:


Name Description
_id The unique id of the document.
createdAt When this document was created.
updatedAt When this document was last updated.
title String. The title of the client.
api The client basic auth details. See api.
authority A JSON encoded string of an agent object that will be set on any statements that the client pushes. See authority.
scopes An array of strings. Permission scopes that this client has permission for.
isTrusted Whether this client is enabled.
organisation The organisation this client is attached to.
lrs_id The id of the store that the system will put received xapi statements.


Name Description
basic_key The basic auth key.
basic_secret The basic auth secret.


This is a JSON encoded string, of the following properties:

Name Description
objectType ‘Agent’.
name Name of the agent.
mbox Optional, of its an mbox
mbox_sha1sum Optional, mbox sha1
openid Optional, the open id.
account Optional, A JSON object. See Account
homePage Optional, the homePage.

One and only one of mbox, mbox_sha1, openid, Account should be provided


Name Description
name The unique id or name used to log into the account.
homePage The url of the home page.

Client Scopes

A scope is a specific permission. Available scopes:

Scope Description
all Permission to read and write everything.
all/read Permission to read everything.
xapi/all Permission to read and write to the xAPI.
xapi/read Read all.
statements/read Read all statements.
statements/write Write statements (must be used with a read scope).
statements/read/mine Read my statements.
state Access state.
profile Access profiles.

Example Model

	"_id" : "59c2371616bc715f83c34506",
	"createdAt" : "2017-09-20T09:40:44.962Z",
	"updatedAt" : "2017-09-20T09:40:58.376Z",
	"organisation" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34507",
	"lrs_id" : "59c2371c16bc715f83c34508",
	"title" : "Example Client",
	"scopes" : [
	"isTrusted" : true,
	"authority" : "{\"objectType\":\"Agent\",\"name\":\"New Client\",\"mbox\":\"\"}",
	"api" : {
		"basic_secret" : "aaa",
		"basic_key" : "bbb"